The system lets you import new and existing users just once from a single Excel worksheet.

When importing users, you can decide what the system will do when it detects existing users. It can either update all data or keep existing data stored in the system.

Check out the image below:

If you select the “Update existing records” box, the system assigns the users to the game and replaces existing data (First name, Last name, etc.) with data imported from the Excel spreadsheet. If you do not select the “Update existing records” box, the system assigns users to the game without modifying any existing data (First name, Last name, etc.).

For example, if you assign an existing user to a new game and do not want any data modified, such as the password, you have two options:

  1. Do not select the "Update existing records" box
  2. Only import data from columns with mandatory fields (marked with an *). Mandatory fields shown in the above image are Login and Alias.

Regardless of whether you decide to update the existing user data, you have the option to choose specifc columns from the Users Excel spreadsheet to import into your game. Please note the Login and Alias fields are always mandatory.

Take an existing user as an example. Let's say you want to assign the user to a new game. However, you also need to change the user's First name (David versus Dave). In this case, you would import the Users Excel spreadsheet and include the mandatory fields (Alias and Login). You should also include the First name field and select the “Update existing records” box.