To import the questions into the system, we must perform a similar process to importing teams/players. You can review the question template by clicking here.

1. Select the template file (.xlsx)  containing the questions.

2. Load file. When loading the file, the system recognises the first sheet as valid.  It is possible to modify it in the next step.

3. It is needed to indicate on which worksheet the question information is to be found.

4. Here we will assign the name of the Excel column with the information to load for each question. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. The template for loading questions has the same names as the fields required by the system, so it detects them automatically. It is always important to validate that the fields we are uploading to the system are the ones we really want to include.

5. When you click on import, you will receive a message detailing how many new questions have been created and how many have been updated.

6. If you want to include images for the questions, it is possible to drag or select the files. The name of the image must always match the question code.