Atrivity features several parameters that you can use to customize your game. Click here if you would like to review them again.

Fair play: maintains interest and limits review of game content

As a general rule, you should limit player activity to make the game more fair and attractive until the last day of the game. 

By limiting the number of challenges a player can answer in a day, you ensure that players do not go through all the game content too many times during the first days of the game. Following this practice places a limit on daily challenges and restricts question repetition.

It also prevents a player with more time on their hands from spending too much time on the game and obtaining a score that is unreachable for other players. This may create frustration and cause these players to lose interest in the game.


Suppose you have a game with the following characteristics:

  • Duration: 5 days (4 days to launch challenges and 1 day to answer any pending challenges)
  • Content: 200 questions
  • Challenges with 7 questions (default setting)

If you propose a limit of 25 challenges per day:

  • Players will complete up to 100 challenges (25 challenges/day * 4 days)
  • They will answer up to 700 questions (7 questions per challenge)
  • Player will review content 3.5 times (700 questions answered / 200 different questions)